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What are the Things You should Include in Your Dental Emergency Kit?

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It is advisable to visit the dentist at least twice a year. Therefore, we are expected to maintain our smiles the rest of the time within that period. This is where dental emergency kits come in.

An emergency dental kit is an essential item that provides quick treatment for emergency dental injuries before you contact a specialist.

A dental kit should have all the necessary components for use before patients can contact a dentist. The user should also have the proper training to use the dental emergency kit.

Why You Need a Dental Emergency Kit

dental first aid kit
Other than your toothbrush and toothpaste, you need a dental emergency kit

We can never foresee dental emergencies. Therefore, we should always have a dental first aid kit to treat small problems such as toothache before it gets worse. Having a dental kit will ensure effective preparedness during dental medical emergencies.

The most common dental emergency where an emergency kit comes in handy is during a tooth injury. Tooth injuries can be in the form of an infected tooth, broken tooth, knocked out tooth, or toothache.

Also, most kits prove beneficial during situations such as loose or lost filling, loose crowns, and dislodged teeth.

The ideal way to use a dental emergency kit during a dental emergency involves a few steps;

  • In case of bleeding, apply gauze to stop the bleeding.
  • Apply a cold compress on your cheek to relieve pain and prevent any swelling.
  • Get to emergency dental care as fast as possible.

Emergency dental kits should always remain stocked and within sight for easy access in such situations. Always check the instructions for ease of use.

Different Types of Dental First Aid Kits and where to Purchase them

Expert-designed dental hygiene kits from dental offices help in managing oral health and dental care. They can be purchased or refilled at authorized dental clinics and pharmacies.

The kits are affordable and easy to use. You can purchase a fully equipped emergency dental kit at a price range of between $400 and $700.

emergency dental kits
It is important to find the best dental emergency kit with all the relevant supplies

SM Series Emergency Kits

These are designed for general dental practices and personal use. They come in handy during dental emergencies. Similar to a first aid kit, these kits are designed according to state regulations on dental care. Also, the design of these kits is in compliance with the American Dental Association standard of care.

Mobile ACLS Emergency Kits

Most kits in this category enable quick response during advanced cardiac life support. The ACLS kits are appropriate for use in a dental emergency, especially during sedation, because they can carry an oxygen tank and ammonia inhalants.

What to Put in an Emergency Dental Kit

dental emergency kit
Put your money where your mouth is by investing in an emergency dental kit

Medical emergencies can happen to any of us at any time. If you want peace of mind during an emergency situation, make sure to always have your organized dental kit. You can carry it everywhere including at the office.

In case of a dental emergency where there’s blood, one should not worry because the kit has provisions to take care of such situations. Just take out your kit and follow the instructions provided. Some essential materials for an emergency dental kit include:


A toothbrush should have soft bristles. One should change their toothbrush every three months.

It is always advisable to carry an extra toothbrush to ensure your teeth are always clean.


The choice of toothpaste depends on oral health needs. Some toothpaste contains fluoride only, while others have a variety of ingredients.

Tea bag

Compared to gauze, tea bags are a great way to stop bleeding when a tooth is lost.


Gloves help to prevent infection during handling and keep things clean. It is good dental practice to always handle medical equipment and patients using gloves, especially where blood is involved.

dental first aid kit
Gloves come in handy when proper handwashing isn’t available

Dental mirror

Dental mirrors help to locate cracks, lodged food, and chips that would otherwise not be visible.

Dental Floss

Floss is the only ideal way to remove anything lodged between your teeth.

Dental floss is a necessary dental care item. Flossing cleans surfaces that the toothbrush can’t reach.

Dental wax

Dental wax is ideal for people with braces to prevent soft tissue irritation by wires and brackets.

Q-tips and Cotton Balls

These are ideal for applying medication and cleaning injuries.

A Customized Storage Container

A container will be useful for storing any lost or chipped tooth material. Such containers can also hold medicine and epinephrine auto-injectors.

Temporary Dental Cement

Dental cement protects the part of the tooth that is exposed until one can seek proper treatment.

Pain Relieving Options.

Dental injuries can be painful. It is helpful to have pain management medications such as oral anesthetic, ibuprofen, nitroglycerin tablets, and ice packs. Always check the expiration dates for the oral tablet.

Tongue Scrapers.

Many bacteria reside in the tongue. Sometimes, this can cause bad breath. A tongue scraper helps to eliminate the harmful bacteria hence boosting oral health.

Dental Picks and Sticks

These help to deep clean dentures, braces, or bridges.

Teeth Whiteners

Most dentists prescribe teeth whiteners and recommend them as essential parts of a dental emergency kit. Although there are over-the-counter options, always ask your dentist before using teeth whiteners.


In addition to offering a fresh breath, mouthwash controls dental problems like gingivitis and cavities.

Get Your Customized Emergency Dental Kit at Fort Worth Pharmacy

At Fort Worth Pharmacy, we have professional pharmacists with experience in dental practice who can recommend to customers the right items to add to their dental emergency kit.

With our pharmaceutical expertise, we can develop specific drug options for patients and even give recommendations on how to purchase individualized medical equipment such as an emergency dental kit.

dental emergency kit
FW pharmacy pharmacists are always a call away incase of an emergency

If you are interested in buying a dental kit that is up to date, contact us for high-quality customized dental emergency kits with tools that are easy to be replaced. We can also replenish your emergency dental kit with customized items and supplies so that you are always prepared to tackle dental emergencies.

Our pharmacists are licensed to administer any drug that might be required during a dental emergency. Do not hesitate to reach out to us since we value your safety as a valuable patient.

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