Tablets to Liquid Medication – How to Get Prescribed Meds in Liquid Form

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Normal pharmacies can be useful, but they can’t get you what you need, particularly if you require liquid medication rather than capsules or tablets.

Fortunately, compounding pharmacies can help people get medicine in the forms that are most helpful or healthy for them. Compounding pharmacies take regular medication and can create new liquid medicine from existing capsules or tablets.

InIn doing this, a compounding pharmacy can make medicine in different dosage forms, strengths, or flavors than it was originally. Please note that medicine from a compounding pharmacy is not FDA-approved, although most compounding pharmacies will make their drugs from FDA-approved medicine.

Why Do Some People Need Liquid Form Oral Medications?

Many commercial medications only come in large pill form.

Although most adult medicine comes in solid form, some people have difficulty swallowing oral medication if it comes in pills, tablets and capsules. This can make taking prescribed medicine regularly or in the correct dosage very hard.

Compounding pharmacies can create liquid forms of commercial medication that do the exact same thing as prescribed medicine without the above-mentioned difficulties. Liquid medicines are easier to swallow for both adults and children.

Speaking of children, many commonly used kids medications come in liquid form, as kids are frequently unable to swallow pills at all. Compounding can help pharmacists customize the dosage forms for child medication, especially if the medication in question only comes in pill form through commercial channels.

By adding flavors or changing the texture of an existing medication, a compounding pharmacy can make medicine for kids that is more palatable, helping them get the treatment they need for an existing condition.

The benefits of contacting a compounding pharmacy to get liquid medicine don’t end there. Other advantages include:

• Removing allergens or potentially harmful ingredients from medicine if one has a very sensitive digestive system

• Creating liquid medicine in a precise dosage that isn’t available in the commercial form of an existing medicine. This is most useful if a person needs a very small amount of a commercial drug but can’t get it in the correct dosage in pill or tablet form

• In some cases, a liquid form of an existing medicine was once created but is no longer commercially available (for example, perhaps the manufacturer is no longer makes the liquid version of a popular pain medication). In this case, a compounding pharmacy can create the liquid form of a commercial medicine once again, emulating the previous formula to create as near an exact copy as possible

How Can Compounding Pharmacies Help You Get Liquid Medications?

A compounding pharmacy will work with you to create a new liquid form of an existing medication. The compounding pharmacy will only use FDA-approved ingredients and won’t add any unnecessary synthetic or chemical additives.

It’s important to contact a specialist compounding pharmacy that can do this, however. Different pharmacies may have different specializations or focuses, making them more or less suitable for your medical needs. Be sure to contact your doctor or pharmacist before using compounded medicine to learn whether this type of solution is a good idea.

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