asking your doctor about medications

Here is what You Should Be Asking Your Doctor About Medications

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We have all been in a situation where we are clueless about our medications and the effects they may have on our bodies. Doctors and pharmacists are often the ideal people to ask about your medication needs. Therefore, to get the proper treatment and medicine requires you to make a list of what you should ask your doctor and stick to it to ensure a smooth healing process.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medication

It is your right as a patient to understand everything about medications prescribed to you by your doctor. Moreover, the doctor has a responsibility of explaining the medicine they have selected for you including factors such as how they work and potential side effects. Here is a list of medication questions that might help.

What is the Medication for?

Medicines are compounds that are used to prevent, cure, or halt diseases; they also ease symptoms and help in the process of illness diagnosis. Medicines act differently on different patients.

asking your doctor about medications
Here at FW Pharmacy, our pharmacists will recommend the best medication based on individual needs

Some medications might affect how the nervous system works. Understanding the great effect of medicine on the body will further help you understand the need for specific prescription medications depending on the medical condition under treatment.

Our pharmacists at FW Pharmacy ensure a patient understands the medicine they are taking home. They do not leave you guessing what you are about to put in your body.

How am I Supposed to Take it?

It is important to get the right information from the doctor regarding taking medicines so as not to miss a dose of your prescription. Taking the right dose according to the directions given by the doctor will ensure that the medicines are effective in treating the illness. Therefore, you should ask your doctor about the proper dosage and the combinations to achieve the proper drug interactions.

Getting the special instructions from the doctor will help prevent any unwanted side effects because particular medication especially those of generic version requires one not to drink alcohol while others should not be taken on an empty stomach or with some specific foods or drugs. The combined medicines offered at FW Pharmacy fit the lifestyle and history of the patients.

How Should I Store the Prescribed Medication?

According to the food and drug administration, there are regulations that govern the proper storage of prescribed medication and over-the-counter medications. Therefore, it is necessary to ask your doctor about such requirements to avoid any alterations to the medications and to control the possible side effects.

Healthcare research elucidates that changes in moisture, light, and air might damage most drugs. Therefore, it is advisable to store medicines in a cool, dry place and out of reach especially for children. Other medications come with labels of the right storage temperature.

Why this Medication? Are There Alternative Treatments?

asking your doctor about medications
The pharmacist will prescribe the most ideal medicine and make known the alternatives for you to decide

Many medical conditions such as high blood pressure, weight loss or weight gain, and other types of disease and health conditions can be treated with alternative treatments. Some of the medically reviewed alternatives that the pharmacists at FW Pharmacy can offer medical advice about include compounded drugs, herbal supplements, changes in food intake, increased intake of supplements and vitamins, and long-term plans based on the needs of the patient.

These other medications are dependent on the cost, available resources, and the medical advice diagnosis. The doctor or pharmacist is in the best position to advise you on why they have prescribed specific medicine hence why you should make sure to ask about the medication and alternatives.

How do I Know if Prescription Medications are Working?

Most people expect new medicine to start working straight away. But in reality, some medicines might take quite some time to be effective. Talk to the doctor about whether your medicine is working as this will help put your mind at ease and even quicken the healing process.

Here at FW Pharmacy, we will always advise you to give it time, keep track, and adhere to the initial advice. Also, the pharmacist will advise on the things to look out for to know if the medicine is working.

What Side Effects Can I Expect?

First, it is advisable to take a family member with you during your appointment. Such a person will be able to identify the side effects that you might experience and as mentioned by the doctor and will be able to cater to your well-being accordingly.

The doctor has an obligation to explain all the possible side effects when prescribing any form of medication. Conversations with your doctor about side effects matter a lot because a patient is able to discuss any unexpected symptoms with their pharmacist or doctor and this helps them to complete their dosage.

In some cases, the doctor might also advise you to stop taking some medication because it might be exhibiting serious side effects. Therefore, patients should always consult their doctor in case they have any concerns regarding the side effects of their medications.

What Should I Avoid When Taking This Medication?

As mentioned early, some foods might interfere with some medications causing dangerous food-drug interactions. The doctor will be able to advise on the need to avoid antacids, iron, and dairy products because they prevent the proper absorption of drugs into the body. The compounding specialists at FW Pharmacy are open to conversations to ensure the safety of the medication is guaranteed.

Talk to your doctor about all the drugs that you are currently taking, specifically over-the-counter medications such as vitamins, pain relievers, and laxatives.

Some drugs do not interact well with others and your doctor can help prevent any adverse effects from the wrong combination of medicine.

What to Expect with the New Medication

There is a need for proper information regarding medication to ensure proper adherence. That is why you should ensure that you communicate your issues with your doctor whenever you have a prescription and when you get over-the-counter drugs.

Fort Worth Pharmacy is a professional institution with well-equipped pharmacists who offer a range of prescriptions and are available for patient care. You can always reach out to them for any help regarding your medication. Always remain in contact with your doctor and always ask questions about your prescription medications. You can come to us at the Pharmacy anytime or even make a call to learn more about your prescription.

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