Testosterone Replacement Medication

Low testosterone levels in men are a common condition with a significant impact on quality of life. This condition is commonly referred to as hypogonadism. Testosterone replacement therapy is used to restore physiological levels of testosterone in the body.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Right for You?

Is your energy level in the basement? This could be the best time of your life with proper hormone levels.
Is your energy level in the basement? This could be the best time of your life with proper hormone levels.

Low testosterone levels can lead to an array of symptoms that decrease quality of life. However, this can be easily treated by replacing the testosterone the body once made with various testosterone replacement therapies. There is a small but expected gradual decline in circulating testosterone levels in the blood in older patients. Your doctor will need to order a lab test to confirm this.

Testosterone replacement therapy is a widely accepted and evidence-based approach to reversing the symptoms of hypogonadism. A discussion of the benefits and risks associated with the use of testosterone should be had with your physician and pharmacist. Treatment with TRT can lead to an increase in sex drive, muscle mass, and elimination of erectile dysfunction long term.

Subtle Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Testosterone testing requires a simple blood test.
Testosterone testing requires a simple blood test.

Low testosterone levels can have a significant impact on your daily life. However, the signs and symptoms of low testosterone levels are not always obvious and can be seen with other conditions. A decline in testosterone levels is expected as men age. However, hypogonadism will present as a low serum testosterone level in addition to symptoms. Talk to your physician if you are experiencing fatigue, a loss in sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, or depression.

Forms of Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone replacement therapy can be provided in a variety of dosage forms, including patches, gel, injection, pills, or implants.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

For patients experiencing low testosterone levels, testosterone replacement therapy can greatly improve their quality of life by decreasing symptoms. Our normal physiology is dependent on testosterone for the maintenance of bone density, muscle mass, red blood cell synthesis, and sexual reproduction. Testosterone replacement therapy is shown to improve libido, reduce depression, and eliminate erectile dysfunction in men with low serum testosterone levels. We invite you to ask our pharmacists about any medication or formulation questions you may have about testosterone therapy

What is the best treatment for low testosterone?

Testosterone treatments can fit your lifestyle and formulation preference.
Testosterone treatments can fit your lifestyle and formulation preference.

Commercially manufactured medications come in a variety of dosage forms such as gels, patches, intramuscular injections, and implantable subcutaneous pellets. These FDA-approved and commercially manufactured drugs may not control symptoms as well as personalized compounded testosterone replacement therapy. Injectable and transdermal testosterone are the two most common forms used in the United States. These products require a prescription by a health care professional.

Compound medication for low testosterone

The good news is that low testosterone is easy to treat. However, commercially available products are limited in the strength and dosages of testosterone they can deliver. Compounded testosterone replacement therapy is highly customizable. We can custom tailor both the formulation of the prescription and the concentration of testosterone delivered. Customization of your testosterone products allows for optimal effects of the hormone.

Testosterone therapy is not without side effects. Side effects included an increased risk of sleep apnea, acne and skin irritation, testicular atrophy, and prostate cancer. These side effects highlight the importance of a custom compounded prescription, only exposing you to the amount of testosterone needed for treatment. We can work directly with your physician to design a testosterone replacement regimen that will get you feeling like yourself again!

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